Specialscreening in Brandenburg
by „Schöner Leben ohne Nazis“

On the 20st of September the Film ALS PAUL ÜBER DAS MEER KAM is running at Capitol Kino in Königs Wusterhausen.
Entrance 18.00, Start 19.00.

In cooperation with the campaign "Schöner leben ohne Nazis" we are happy to present a special Screening of "When Paul came over the sea" in Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg. Especially during politically unsettled times like today, it is important to strengthen human rights also beyond the borders of Berlin.

Founded in 2013, the campaign of the Action Alliance and the Brandenburg is travelling through Brandenburg each summer – whether with cinema summer, workshops or at festivals. "Schöner Leben ohne Nazis" wants to clearly make a statement and connect people sharing the same awareness of life: to be cosmopolitan, interested and to stand against hatred, violence and discrimination.

The presented film "When Paul came across the Sea" tells the story of Paul Nkamani, who fled from Cameroon through the Sahara and across the sea to Spain. On his journey, he meets the filmmaker Jakob Preuss, who accompanies him henceforth. Because of the economic crisis in Spain, Paul decides to move on to Germany, but should Jacob actively support him or document his path neutrally? After the film, a film panel discussion with Paul takes place, to allow space for questions and discussions.