Our Festival-Films are now online available!

You can find Filmlinks to most of the films from our 2018 Program!

The reason why we founded our Festival was, to get more attention to Human Rights Topics and to stunning documentaries, showing the daily fight for Human Rights and Freedom, Democracy and Peace! One week a year is of course necessary to get a big impact and create an audience, but we should not care just for this one week!

That is why we asked each film production for an online streaming link, DVD or any other way to watch the film in privacy. Now we can present you the list of nearly every film from our program in 2018. You can rent some films for 2-4€ or see them on iTunes and Amazon Prime. Each possibility is of course legally, so you can watch them without problems alone and with your friends. Share the list, the stories and the topics! Films can connect opinions and people sometimes better than any dialogue. Films can build bridges, where borders seemed insuperable.