A Year of Hope
DirectorMikala Krogh
ProductionDenmark, Netherlands, Philippines
Duration83 Min
LanguageEnglish, Filipino


On the streets of Manila, kids live on their own, exposed to every kind of danger. Most of them are not even 14 years old but they already have a terrible past of sexual abuses and drug addiction and they are haunted by the terrible crimes they have witnessed, such as the murder of their family´s members. Stairway Foundation, a non-profit child-care organisation, takes the street-children under its custody for one year to change their destiny. The Danish award-winning director Mikala Krogh follows the daily cycle of activities of the boys who are taking part in the project. Will the children be able to benefit from the possibilities they are provided during this year? How will they feel after months of full attention, psychotherapy and normal children´s games? Will they smile again?


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