The Wait
DirectorEmil Langballe
Duration58 Min
LanguageDanish, Dari
SubtitleEnglish, German


In 2010, Rokhsar and her family fled Afghanistan to escape from the Taliban. After six months of straying across Europe they end up in Denmark, where they finally hope to live a safe and stable life. But the odyssey does not stop here: the family is denied asylum several times and threatened with deportation. Rokhsar, being the only one in her family who can speak Danish has perfectly integrated herself in her new community. She carries on her young shoulders the burden of struggling against authorities and burocracy and starts to fight for the right of her family to a decent life. Six years into their arrival in Denmark, the family is finally expecting a decision: will they be granted or denied asylum? Pressure on Rokhsar and the family is mounting immeasurably.


26.09.2018, 11.00 Sputnik Kino Schoolscreening
26.09.2018, 18.00 Hackesche Höfe Kino Q+A with Amnesty International Tickets

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