The Trial: Specialscreening

Monday, 24th of September we organize a special screening at 20.00 in the Babylon Cinema.

After 123 days of hunger strike, Oleg Sentsov is at serious risk of death. His story should be told, to prevent recurrence.

Oleg is a Ukrainian film director who was involved in the Euro Maidan protest in Kiev, was arrested in his house on the 10th of May by the Federal Security Service on the Russian Federation and brought to Moscow where he is now serving a 20-year prison sentence. On May the 14th, Sentsov started a hunger strike, demanding the release of all 64 Ukrainian political prisoners jailed in Russia and denouncing the critical conditions of their imprisonment.

We as Human Rights Film Festival Berlin cannot keep silent in front of such deliberated act of violation of the basic human right to free expression and will not stop supporting the work documentary filmmakers do while denouncing any kind of human rights abuse. That is why we decided to present his documentary spontaneously.