This was our TEAM in 2018

Exhausted but happy, the team of the first Festival Edition.
is looking back to a succesful first year

THANK YOU!!! To our Festival-Team, which has brought this heart project through each up and down. The photo shows our core team in 2018 (from left to right): Maximilian Weinhold (program and technic), Tuana Aynal (schools and Volunteers), Veronica Broggio (guest management), Leonie Holkenbrink (manager), Jan Friedrich-Rust (Executive Director Aktion gegen den Hunger), Sylvie Ahrens-Urbanek (Head of communication Aktion gegen den Hunger). Painted: Jabora Speder (Social Media).

Furthermore, many volunteers and experts from different topics supported us. We would like to thank everyone who helped us! Without so much active support, we would never have reached such a big audience and organized such interesting discussions.